Perfection from Nature Itself

When you drink NY2O, you aren’t just sipping water: you are infusing your body with the highest quality artesian drinking water, bottled directly from the source.

BPA Free

Award Winning Bottle

100% Recyclable

To complement the natural wonders of the NY2O water, we crafted a bottle of superior beauty and ergonomic function. The best water deserves the best presentation, hence our award-winning design.

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Born. Not Made.

Naturally filtered and never processed with man-made filtration methods.

Vapor Distilled

Reverse Osmosis


Sodium Free & Fluoride Free

In the sky overlooking New York State, nimbustratus clouds begin the NY2O journey, pouring fat raindrops into the mountains.

Amid the forests of the Adirondacks and the foothills of the Catskills lie some of the finest natural water sources on earth.

For eons the geology of New York’s beautiful mountain ranges has filtered rain along with melting snow and ice. Shale, limestone, dolomite, and quarts slowly craft these waters, giving them the perfect balance and crisp taste for which NY2O is renowned.

After years of natural refining, NY2O waters issue into an artesian aquifer of exceptional purity, natural balance and unparalleled taste.

Naturally Alkaline

NY2O maintains a natural pH balance of 7.8, making it a favorite for alkaline conscious consumers and providing a flavor profile that is crisp and sweet.

100% Single Sourced Water

Naturally filtered with no human interference, NY2O flows through layers of shale, limestone, dolomite, and quartz.

Minerals & Electrolytes

NY2O is imbued with Bicarbonates, Calcium, Magnesium, and Chloride – essential minerals that aid in digestion, boost metabolism, improve heart function, and more.